Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse


Drift around the arena and wipe away the zombies. Earn gears (actually coins), and unlock & upgrade new vehicles, unlock & upgrade new weapons. Be prepared and bring more chaos on next waves!

Package Features;

* 7 Player vehicles
* 3 Different type of zombies
* Total count of 15 waves
* Randomly prop spawning
* Unlock & upgrade vehicles
* Unlock & upgrade weapons
* Damagable and fixable vehicles & weapons after each derby.
* Shortcut buttons for desktop and mobile.
* Big arena model with environments.
* 5 Prop models.
* All commented C# scripts.
* Clean hierarchy, and project.

Editor Extensions Features;

* Creating new waves and their new enemies
* Creating new player vehicles
* Creating new weapons and adding them on vehicles
* Editing shared settings


Soundtracks in demo are not included in the package.

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Stylized World Prefab Collection - Tirgames Assets

Completely configured and ready to use prefabs. Package doesn't include Realistic Car Controller. In order to use prefabs, you must have Realistic Car Controller and Stylized World in your project.

Realistic Car Controller by BoneCracker Games

Stylized World by Tirgames Assets

Just drag and drop vehicles to your scene, and have a completely configured vehicles in seconds with few clicks!

Lights, exhausts, cameras, interior lights, dashboard gauges, needles, brake calipers, damage, and more...