Realistic Hovercraft Controller



  • Compatible with Unity 2019, and newer versions.
  • A fully controllable hovercraft.
  • Old & New Input System supported.
  • Mobile controllers included.
  • Example scene (with terrain and other models).
  • All necessary scripts, sound effects, and particle effects.
  • Damage with mesh deformation.
  • All models, textures, animations, and terrain included.
  • All textures sizes are 2048 * 2048.


Create and customize your own hovercrafts with simplified editor extensions. You can even have a fully controllable basic cube with just one single click. Highly customizable and extremely easy to use. Can be applied to any gameobjects. 


* Image effects used in some screenshots and demos.


  1. Joachim says:


    does your Hover Controller support the new InputSystem?
    If not, could you update this?


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Realistic Car Controller V3.63

Realistic Car Controller V3.63

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