Realistic Traffic Controller

An easy and powerful solution for creating realistic and dynamic traffic simulations in your projects. Whether you're developing a driving game, a city simulation, or a virtual environment, Realistic Traffic Controller will bring life and authenticity to your scenes.
Create complete traffic system in your scenes with the fastest way! Create new lanes, new waypoints, and connect them together. Optimized traffic spawner will manage the traffic vehicles on your scene. Allowing vehicles to navigate roads, obey traffic rules, and interact with each other and the environment. Flow of traffic as vehicles intelligently react to changing conditions and adapt their behavior accordingly.
  • Supported all platforms.
  • Creating & managing new lanes and waypoints with assisted editor scripts easily
  • Connecting lanes / waypoints to other lanes / waypoints
  • Complete vehicle controller for traffic vehicles (With independent wheel configuration)
  • Traffic spawner to create & manage the traffic vehicles
  • Optimized traffic management based on distance and occlusion to the main camera
  • Traffic lights
  • Obstacle detection and obeying the traffic rules
[Editor Features]
  • All major systems are managed by their responsive editor scripts
  • Creating / adding / removing / editing lanes and waypoints with few clicks
  • Complete vehicle controller can be used on any kind of land vehicle
  • Simplified vehicle setup
  • Obstacle detection with raycasts and triggers
  • Optimized traffic management (Only closer vehicles will use heavier proccess)
  • Listing closer waypoints and connecting to them inside the editor
  • Scene manager to check and fix any wrong configuration on the scene
  • Editing waypoints on the lane easily
  • Customizable gizmo settings
Whether you're a game developer, an architect, or a simulator designer, the Realistic Traffic Controller will elevate the realism and immersion of your projects. Take control of traffic like never before and create dynamic environments that captivate your audience.
This is the first initial release of the project. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
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