Stylized World Prefab Collections

Stylized World Prefab Collection - Tirgames Assets

Completely configured and ready to use prefabs. Package doesn't include Realistic Car Controller. In order to use prefabs, you must have Realistic Car Controller and Stylized World in your project.

Realistic Car Controller by BoneCracker Games

Stylized World by Tirgames Assets

Just drag and drop vehicles to your scene, and have a completely configured vehicles in seconds with few clicks!

Lights, exhausts, cameras, interior lights, dashboard gauges, needles, brake calipers, damage, and more...

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Purchasing Exclusive License For Models!

Purchasing exclusive licence for your models. If you would like to sell your models, I’m interested! You can contact me with your examples by email.

Realistic Car Controller V3.63

Realistic Car Controller V3.63

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