Toy Car Simulator

[Realistic Car Controller Pro Is Included]
All vehicles are powered by Realistic Car Controller Pro. Realistic Car Controller Pro is included in the package.
Take a ride with your favorite vehicle and collect all coins. Keep an eye on the battery, and don't miss any pickup items.
This is a free ride package template with pickup items, and purchasable vehicles. Players will be able to drive around with toy vehicles and try to pick up all items. All vehicles have limited battery and battery consumption rates. New vehicles can be purchased with earned coins.
[Package Contains]
  • Main menu with vehicle selection
  • Locked & unlocked vehicles
  • Coins and battery system
  • Customizable pickup items (coins and battery)
  • Complete UI with dashboard (gameplay, gameover, options)
[Event Based Scene & Player Management]
  • Scenes have manager scripts to control the gameplay. With events, all player related scripts have full control of the management process.
You can use the simple API to do such things like;
  • Add / consume / get player coins,
  • Lock / unlock target vehicles,
Project includes documentations with these topics;
  • How to install the project,
  • How to install Realistic Car Controller Pro to the project,
  • How to customize the main settings,
  • How the mainmenu system works,
  • How the gameplay system works,
  • How to add / remove / edit vehicles,
  • How to create a new vehicle from the scratch,
  • How to add / remove / edit scenes,
  • How to create a new scene from the scratch,
  • How to use the simple API.
[What Can Be Achieved With This Template]
  • This template can be used as a start if you are planning to develop a similar game. You can improve it with your own environment and vehicle models. New vehicles and scenes can be added easily. You can use 3rd party assets to add traffic, add visual effects, etc...
[What Can't Be Achieved With This Template]
  • Please don't force me to add such things that I don't even mention here. You can always contact me for your questions about my packages, but sometimes I'm having emails like "I wanna create a race game with this package, guide me". This project is published as is.
* Soundtracks are not included.
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