Realistic Car Controller V3.46

Realistic Car Controller V3.46


[V3.46 Update Released]

Please read release notes.

[Leading Features]
* Compatible with Unity 2019, Unity 2020, and Unity 2021.
* 9 configured vehicle prefabs ready to use,
* 10 Demo Scenes for presenting regular City, Mobile City, Photon, Enter/Exit scenes (FPS/TPS), Vehicle Selection, and more...
* Photon PUN 2 realtime multiplayer support,
* Complete UI dashboard with mobile controllers,
* Mobile controller, Xbox controller, PS4 controller, and Logitech Steering Wheel support,
* Record & Replay, Enter & Exit, Lighting, Camera modes, Behaviors, Customization, and more...
* Ability to use plugin with very wide range. Can be used on a toy car, or even truck with trailer,
* Animated driver with vehicle, and Skyline models by 3DMaesen,
* User friendly editor scripts,
* Optimized mesh deformations on collisions,
* Variable ground physics,
* Easy to use, and highly customizable,

Creating your own realistic vehicle has never been so easy. Fully functional vehicle creating just takes about 5 minutes only! One click to setup, switch controllers, switch behaviors, customizations... Easy to use and very customizable. Comes with 9 pre-configured vehicle behaviors. Tested on PC, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.

Powerful classes for instantiating new vehicles at given position, customizing, operating, or switching behavior with one line of code only!

- Restricted with prefab vehicles?
+ Nope.

- Moding existing prefab vehicles, or changing just model of the prefab for creating new vehicle?
+ Nope.

- Wasting your time on editing complex curves, editing hardcoded lines and values to get fun physics, or dozens of multiple scripts to modify the package?
+ Nope.

This is neither a game template nor just a editor extension. You won't be restricted with package rules.

You are actually buying this package for creating brand new vehicles, not moding or releasing the game with existing prefabs.

You can find a tutorial on our "Documentation" page for, how to setup and configure a realistic vehicle from scratch with any kind of vehicle model.


[Release Notes]

Version 3.46(current)

Released: Jun 21, 2021

[Always backup your project before updating any asset or Unity Editor. Keep your own assets outside from RealisticCarControllerV3 folder. Delete the entire folder, and import the updated version. Updating was explained in documentation]
Added Photon2 features(lobby, room listing, and chat).
Added Photon2 Enter/Exit support.
Added Photon1 support with integration package.
Added small and big attachable/detachable trailers.
Added enum for wheel damage (visual only, mechanical only, both) Added truck model.
Added F.A.Q. documentation.
Added an option to fix pivot position of the vehicle if it's not correct while creating new vehicles.
Added nickname texts above vehicles on Photon demos.
Fixed an issue where "Import PUN2" button in welcome window was refering to paid version.
Fixed RCC_TruckTrailer.cs script.
Fixed an issue where RCC Camera still using autofocus (even if disabled) on trailer attachment/detachment.
Fixed an issue where "attachedTrailer" is still asigned after detaching the trailer.
Fixed an issue where engine is still running when out of fuel.
Fixed an issue where lights were not working on truck trailer.
Fixed an issue where AI's waypoint counter was increasing twice sometimes.
Fixed an issue where lights were throwing errors due to minimal intensity values on Unity 2020 & 2021.
Fixed an issue where "ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values" error pops up on Unity 2021.
Fixed an issue where brake calipers were not in sync with the connected wheel collider.
Fixed an issue where skidmarks were drawing to Vector3.Zero on multiple surfaces.
Fixed an issue where AI vehicles can't achieve maximum speed without "Limit Speed" option enabled.
Fixed an issue where AI vehicles pass to other waypoint instead of nexy waypoint.
Fixed an issue where camera stuttering when rotates at various frame rates.
Fixed an issue where some scripting symbols were not working in target build settings. RCC uses scripting symbols for using API of addon packages.
Rewritten TPS follow/aim mode on RCC_Camera.cs script. It's more reliable and stable now.
Updated Photon PUN2 support to the latest version.
Updated all documentations.
Legacy Input System will be removed, and new input system will be used for all controllers.
Added an example info and inputs to "Custom" controller type in "RCC_InputManager.cs" script.
Added "Angular Drag Helper" with minimum and maximum range to behavior type customization (RCC_Settings).
Added "Counter Steering Helper" with minimum and maximum range to behavior type customization (RCC_Settings).
Added "isGrounded" bool to RCC_CarControllerV3.cs script.
Added three new vehicle models from "Stunt Crasher".
Added detachable parts to all vehicles.
Added tire width to RCC_WheelCollider. Now you can adjust skidmarks width per wheel individually.
Added wheel damage. (Disabled by default. Can be enabled from damage tab)
Added Pro Flare support.
Added PS4 controller support.
Added "Auto Clutch" option to RCC_Settings. You can use your own input for clutch if you want.
Added "Gear Shift Down RPM".
Added customizable position of each audiosource. Position of engine, exhaust, turbo, sound, transmission can be changed.
Fixed an issue where engine inertia is still using old value on older vehicle prefabs.
Fixed an issue where RCC Camera is not using any camera modes on "RCC Test Blank Scene".
Fixed an issue where the vehicle tries to shift up when reversing at high speed.
Fixed an issue where the vehicle is still using steering helpers even on air.
Fixed an issue where you can't change any gear ratios.
You can change gear ratios and their target speeds after initializing gears.
Fixed an issue where you may get null reference error related to RCC_WheelCollider.cs due to Awake() - Start() conflict.
Fixed an issue where the "Delete Demo Content" button in RCC Welcome Screen deletes few necessary particles in the project too.
Fixed an issue where multiple lights parent gameobject instantiated while creating new rcc lights.
Fixed axis and pivots of some separate vehicle parts.
Fixed a warning message on console related to RCC_Recorder.cs script.
Fixed an issue where brake is not effective when ESP is acting.
Fixed an issue where all collision particles enabled at every single collision. This was reducing performance on collisions too.
Fixed an error about RCC_SceneGUI.cs(40,13): error CS0117: 'SceneView' does not contain a definition for 'duringSceneGui' for Unity 2018 versions.
Fixed positions of the dashboard needles of T-100 model.
Fixed an issue where wheelcolliders may fail to get RCC_CarControllerV3 component at start.
Fixed an issue where force feedback is not active after reload the scene.
Fixed jittering gyro input.
Fixed inconsistent line endings in some scripts.
All vehicles have functional and breakable seperate objects (Hoods, doors, trunks, bumpers, lights, etc...). All behavior types have been re-adjusted slightly.
RCC auto focus distance and height re-adjusted slightly.
Changed transmission (reverse gear) sound.
Reorganized individual parts of the vehicles.
Removed RCC_Export (MyExport tab) from editor scripts.
Photon demo vehicle prefabs can be configured from Tools --> BCG --> RCC --> Configure Photon Demo Vehicles.
Adjusted nos, exhaust, blowout sounds.
Each waypoint has its own target speed. Vehicle will adjust its speed to waypoints when getting close to it.
Fixed raycasts have been fixed. Much more performance friendly and accurate.
Fixed inaccurate throttle/brake calculation on corners.
Fixed inaccurate distance calculation between waypoints.
Fixed nonfunctional reset behavior from previous version.
Raycasts won't detect target vehicle in chase mode. Chase mode won't detect RCC vehicles only.
Target could be any gameobject.
Added "Follow Target" mode. AI can follow any target gameobject without crashing to it.
Added ray angles.
Rewritten RCC_AICarController script.


Released: Mar 28, 2014



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