Realistic Car Controller V3.70

Realistic Car Controller V3.70

[V3.70 Update Released]
Please read release notes.

[Leading Features]
* Compatible with Unity 2019 (With Asset Store Database Version 2), Unity 2020, and Unity 2021 - 2022.
* 12 configured vehicle prefabs ready to use,
* 11 Demo Scenes for presenting regular City, Mobile City, Photon, Enter/Exit scenes (FPS/TPS), Vehicle Selection, and more...
* New Input System,
* Photon PUN 2 realtime multiplayer support,
* Complete UI dashboard with mobile controllers,
* Record & Replay, Enter & Exit, Lighting, Camera modes, Behaviors, Customization, and more...

* Customization system that includes paints, upgrades, modification, spoilers, sirens.
* Ability to use in a very wide range. Can be used on a toy car, or even truck with trailer,
* Animated driver with vehicle, and Skyline models by 3DMaesen,
* User friendly editor scripts,
* Optimized mesh deformation on collisions,
* Variable ground physics,
* Easy to use, and highly customizable,

Ready to use drag & drop vehicle prefabs with Stylized Vehicles! Demos can be found there! Package doesn't include any assets of Stylized Vehicles. Stylized Vehicles package includes ready to use drag & drop vehicle prefabs.

Creating your own realistic vehicle has never been so easy. Fully functional vehicle creation just takes about 5 minutes only! One click to setup, switch controllers, switch behaviors, customizations... Easy to use and very customizable. Comes with 10 pre-configured vehicle behaviors. Tested on PC, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.

Powerful classes for instantiating new vehicles at given position, customizing, operating, or switching behavior with one line of code only!

- Restricted with prefab vehicles?
+ No!

- Modding existing prefab vehicles, or changing just the model of the prefab for creating new vehicles?
+ No!

- Wasting your time on editing complex curves, editing hardcoded lines and values to get fun physics, or dozens of multiple scripts to modify the package?
+ No!

This is neither a game template nor just an editor extension. You won't be restricted with package rules. You are actually buying this package for creating brand new vehicles, not modding or releasing the game with existing prefabs.

You can find a tutorial on our "Documentation" page for how to setup and configure a realistic vehicle from scratch with any kind of vehicle model.


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15 thoughts on “Realistic Car Controller V3.70”

  • Hi,

    My name is Gianluca and I am developing a procedural town, with Synty assets. I have bought an asset pack with many cool low poly cars and am looking for a good car controller to drive them with. Does the “Realistic Car Controller” have the ability to control the vehicle from first person perspective? I would like to be able to switch camera positions between first and third person, looking forward to your reply!

    Thank you for your time!


    • Provider of the Delorean model (Unlock Assets) have been banned from the Asset Store. Therefore, I had to deprecate the package too.

    • Please check your inbox. I’ve explained why your vehicle is bouncing. Model has shpere colliders attached to the wheels. That’s why your vehicle doesn’t move.

  • http://LvlUpHero

    Love the asset so far. A few things:

    1. Is there a way to purchase the assets that the prefab cars come from so we can use the existing prefab cars in our games? If not, are there any assets that have the same look and feel as those cars?

    2. I noticed in the mesh deformation and collision scripts that you use the function collision.contacts. This produces garbage with every collision. I could be wrong, but I believe collision.GetContacts would be better.


    • Yes, I’ve deprecated the package. I can no longer work on it. But if you purchased it, I can send you free voucher code for any of my assets.

  • hello there can you explain how can i use nos button without pressing acceleration button because for mobile controls it is very difficult to hold both button and some time impossible

  • Hi.I really like this asset and i’d like to create a speed up area for my car game,but i don’t know how to trigger the nos by codes.I found a private void called nos but when I switch it into public and trigger it,nothing happened.I would appreciate it if you can help me out.Thanks! 🙂

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