Realistic Car Controller V3.62


Realistic Car Controller V3.62


[V3.62 Update Released]
Please read release notes.

[Leading Features]
* Compatible with Unity 2019 (With Asset Store Database Version 2), Unity 2020, and Unity 2021 - 2022.
* 12 configured vehicle prefabs ready to use,
* 10 Demo Scenes for presenting regular City, Mobile City, Photon, Enter/Exit scenes (FPS/TPS), Vehicle Selection, and more...
* New Input System,
* Photon PUN 2 realtime multiplayer support,
* Complete UI dashboard with mobile controllers,
* Record & Replay, Enter & Exit, Lighting, Camera modes, Behaviors, Customization, and more...
* Ability to use in a very wide range. Can be used on a toy car, or even truck with trailer,
* Animated driver with vehicle, and Skyline models by 3DMaesen,
* User friendly editor scripts,
* Optimized mesh deformation on collisions,
* Variable ground physics,
* Easy to use, and highly customizable,

Ready to use drag & drop vehicle prefabs with Stylized Vehicles! Demos can be found there! Package doesn't include any assets of Stylized Vehicles. Stylized Vehicles package includes ready to use drag & drop vehicle prefabs.

Creating your own realistic vehicle has never been so easy. Fully functional vehicle creation just takes about 5 minutes only! One click to setup, switch controllers, switch behaviors, customizations... Easy to use and very customizable. Comes with 10 pre-configured vehicle behaviors. Tested on PC, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.

Powerful classes for instantiating new vehicles at given position, customizing, operating, or switching behavior with one line of code only!

- Restricted with prefab vehicles?
+ No!

- Modding existing prefab vehicles, or changing just the model of the prefab for creating new vehicles?
+ No!

- Wasting your time on editing complex curves, editing hardcoded lines and values to get fun physics, or dozens of multiple scripts to modify the package?
+ No!

This is neither a game template nor just an editor extension. You won't be restricted with package rules. You are actually buying this package for creating brand new vehicles, not modding or releasing the game with existing prefabs.

You can find a tutorial on our "Documentation" page for how to setup and configure a realistic vehicle from scratch with any kind of vehicle model.


[Release Notes]

Version 3.62(current)

Released: May 10, 2023

[Always backup your project before updating any asset. Keep your own assets outside of the RealisticCarControllerV3 folder. Delete the entire folder, and import the updated version.]

[Editor scripts are using the path of the "RealisticCarControllerV3" folder. I would recommend you to not change the directory of the folder.]

[This version of RCC is using the new input system. Active input handling in your project settings must be set to "Input System", or "Both".]



Added a new vehicle model (Buggy).
Instead of getting first contact point, getting average of all contact points.
Colliding with rigidbodies are more effective now.
RCC Camera won't process camera drag for first 1 second.
Fixed an issue where vehicle was unable to drive when turning ESP to off in some situations.
Fixed an issue where "Ineffective Behavior" setting wasn't working properly.
Fixed misconfigured mesh collider of the highway road on city scene.
AI vehicles won't use sphere colliders to detect chase targets / brake zones anymore. Instead of using them, Physics.OverlapSphere will be used to detect them.
Improvements on AI controller script.
Improved ESP function. There was a miscalculation while sliding to left side.
Fixed calipers.
Fixed other minor bugs.



Added a new vehicle model (E30).

Added a new vehicle model (CTR).

Updated photon prefabs.

Updated integration packages.

Fixed other minor bugs.



Fixed an issue where you were not able to create a new RCC camera manually. Adding RCC_Camera to the new empty gameobject would work now.
Fixed an issue where you were not able to disable any item of the RCC_CustomizerExample.
You can include / exlude any UI item now.
Setting scripting symbols to all platforms now, not current platform only.
Fixed unecessary script compile on each platform switches.
Fixed an issue where you can't select the duplicated light for some reason.
Fixed misleading methods and informations in some editor scripts.
Added checkup method about overriding wheels. If you override your wheels but forgot to select them, editor will warn you.
Fixed an issue where FPS / TPS character controllers were moving fast / slow on various FPS.
Fixed and updated Logitech integration package.
Updated scripts, prefabs, and documentation.
Fixed other minor bugs.


Fixed an issue where RCC Camera was looking at the wrong direction at start of the game.

Fixed an issue where RCC_Editor was failing on inspector panel due to missing deformable meshes, or parts if exists.

Changed angle of the headlights.

Changed GetContacts to GetContact in damage script due to performance loss on high poly models.

Added missing comments to the scripts. %95 of the scripts have detailed comments now.

Cleaned and organized all scripts.

Removed setting tag auto feature, it was unnecessary and was leading to wrong configuration.

Added "Use shortcuts" option to RCC Settings. Shortcuts are Shift + R = Add Main Controller. Shift + S = RCC Settings. Shift + E = In-Scene GUI buttons.

Added "Use Record" option to RCC Scene Manager. If you don't want to use record / replay feature, you can simply disable this option. This will increase performance.

Replaced "Register First Vehicle As Player Vehicle" with "Register Last Spawned Vehicle As Player Vehicle" in RCC_SceneManager.

Fixed miscalculations on RCC Camera, now it's more reliable.

Added dynamic TPS mode.

Added informer about mobile controller depending on current build platform.

Added override render mode to the lights. If it's enabled, vertex or pixel light settings in RCC Settings will be ignored. Each light can have different rendermodes.

Added rendermode settings for headlights, brakelights, indicator lights, reverse lights, and other lights to RCC Settings.

Fixed an issue where vehicles were still moving after exiting the vehicle.

Fixed an issue where duplicated inactive rooms still being listed in the room list.

Fixed an issue where FPS characters on multiplayer scenes were not synced.

Updated all prefabs.


[This version is a hotfix. If you are using V3.51, You don't need to delete the entire folder and re import the latest version again. But please backup your project first!]



Fixed an issue where TPS Offset wasn't working on RCC Camera.

Fixed an issue where isGrounded bool falls to false even if one wheel is not touching to the ground.

Fixed an issue where original curves of the wheelcollider were taken in the wrong order.

Fixed an issue where angular drag setting is RCC_Settings wasn't working on behaviors.

Fixed an issue where lens flare component is still adding to the lights even if not choosen.

Fixed an issue where park lights are overridden by RCC_Customization. (That could be the reason of your park lights are white)

Fixed an issue where skidmarks were not strong and visible enough.

Fixed an issue where the "Use Photon Enter Exit" button in BCG_EnterExitSettings was still the same even if you changed it.

Fixed an issue where URP shader compilation error about tree crossfade.



Added steering curve to the behaviors in RCC_Settings.

Added "Repair()" method to the RCC Api.




Fixed an issue where UI mobile controller buttons get stuck sometimes.

Fixed an issue where UI mobile controller buttons of FPS/TPS characters get stuck while entering/exiting the vehicles.
Fixed an issue where the offset of the wheelcolliders were not working properly.
Fixed stuttering camera angle while applying too much yaw, pitch, or tilt angle. Fixed inverted X angle on camera while vehicle is moving backwards at hills.
Fixed gaps on the highway model.
Fixed "Load Customization At Start" option on RCC_SceneManager.
RCC_SceneManager includes three register methods. Only one of them included load customization before.
Fixed a miscalculation in RCC_Damage.cs [Detailed explanation below].
Fixed outdated Logitech Integration package.
Fixed an issue where the suspension arm with RCC_SuspensionArm.cs is still working if the wheel is detached.
Fixed an issue where the trailer flies away when attached.
Fixed an issue where the vehicle is still moving when RCC.Transport() is used.
Fixed an issue where RCC_WheelCollider was causing null exceptions while not touching the terrain.
Fixed an issue where wheels are resetting while clicking the wheels tab of the RCC_CarControllerV3 at runtime.

Fixed an issue where RCC_LabelEditor.cs wasn't compatible with Unity 2020 / 2021 API.



Added locking angle option to the RCC Camera. X, Y, Z angles can be related to the vehicle or not.

Added the "Free Fall" option to the RCC Camera.Camera will not lock X, Y, Z angles while the vehicle is in the air with this option enabled.
Added individual collider shape to E46 vehicle model for accurate collisions.
Added individual collider shape to E36 vehicle model for accurate collisions.
Added F1 vehicle model.
Added wheel deflate / inflate with particles and sound effects.
Added flatten tire with particles and sound effects.
Added wheel spike set model and prefab.
Added scratch particles.
Added brake zones for AI vehicles again.
Added damage info.
Damage percentage can be read for each part.
Added RCC_CheckUp [Detailed explanation below].
Added RCC_InstallationChecker for editor. It will check all layers, directories of the scriptableobjects, and fix them automatically. If one of the RCC's necessary layers is missing, the editor will inform you and add it to the empty slot automatically.



Scaled up interaction size of the UI mobile controller buttons.

Changed all collision.contactPoints to collision.GetContacts() to avoid gc. Thanks for your report LvlUpHero.
Flatted roads of the city model.
Changed trailer model.
Instant reverse camera angle when pressed look back button.

RCC_Camera target property (playerCar).



Improved and optimized RCC_WheelCollider.cs.

Improved and optimized RCC_Damage.cs [Detailed explanation below].
Improved collision particles with debris.
Contact and scratch particle emission rates are related to collision data.
Simplified vehicle creation.

[Improvements on mesh deformations]

Damage is more customizable now. Specific parts can be selected for deformation. Meshes, lights, wheels, parts, all of them can be collected automatically at runtime, or you can select them.

Distance of [Contact point - mesh pivot] replaced with [Contact point - Closest Vertex]. That's why some parts of the vehicle weren't deforming even if it's too close to the contact point.
Added fix axis of the mesh panel. If the axis of the mesh is wrong, you can fix it directly in the editor. When the axis of the mesh is wrong, the mesh will be deformed with the wrong angle. You'll be able to fix the axis of the mesh.
Impulse reduction based on vertex position - contact point. Collision.GetContacts() was in action for four sections at the same time. Meshes, wheels, lights, and parts. No need to use it 4 times.
Added damage resolution. For very high poly models, you can lower the resolutions to avoid performance issues.
RCC_Editor will check all meshes, lights, wheels, and parts of the vehicle and warn you if something goes wrong.


Checks the vehicle and warns you if something goes wrong.

Checks deformable meshes and warns you if the axis is wrong.
Checks wheels and warns you if no power, no steer, no brake, no e-brake found.
Checks drivetrain configuration and warns you if there is non-compliance found.
Checks body collider and warns you if no body collider is found.
Checks sphere colliders on wheels and warns you if they are attached to them.


Removed multiple vehicle editing support through RCC_Editor, because it was causing wrong assignments by the editor script. I'll be working on it.

Removed RCC_LabelEditor.cs.



Fixed an issue where wheels were unable to get correct ground material from the ground collider sometimes.
Fixed an issue where missing turbo/nos audiosources when enabling them during the gameplay.
Fixed multiple UI events on the mobile steering wheel controller.
Fixed camber, caster, toe angles on calipers.
Fixed wheel particle positions (Y offset).
Fixed multiple terrain support, and added more detailed documentation about multiple terrain support.
Fixed an issue where detachable parts were not repairable after the crash.
Fixed an issue where crash audio clips were not playing while "Use Damage" is disabled.
Fixed an issue where TCS wasn't working at reverse gear.
Fixed stuttering wheel rotation (due to GetWorldPose()) especially in slow motions. Accurate and fast modes have been added to RCC_WheelCollider.
Fixed not working occlusion layermask on cinematic and wheel camera modes.
Fixed unrealistic bus handling.
Fixed an issue where players were spawning at the same spawn point.
Fixed an issue where ESP was still working even on air.
Fixed an issue where forward and sideways slips were still not zero on air.

Improved mesh deformation (New methods).
Improved collision calculations.
Improved wheel damage.
Improved and optimized RCC_WheelCollider.cs.
Improved handling of all demo vehicles.

Added new input system with keyboard & mouse, gamepads, oculus quest 1 / 2, logitech steering wheel control schemes.
Added a crash test scene with physics based machines where you can push limits of deformation of your vehicle.
Added steering stabilizer, and limiter.
Added steering curve based on speed.
Added steering types (Curve, Basic, Constant).
Added individual skidmark width per wheel. Each wheel can draw a different width of skidmarks.
Added "Override Behavior" option to the vehicles. If it's on, selected behavior in RCC Settings won't override this vehicle.
Added breakable lights depends on the collisions.
Added zoom in/out to the RCC Camera.
Added drift camera mode to the RCC Camera.
Added new documentation for the new input system.
Added clean skidmarks method.
Added unpacking prefab option while creating new vehicles. As you well know, you can't make any changes on the connected prefab instances.
Added informative messages to RCC_Editor. If the collider of the vehicle is trigger enabled, or one of the wheels has the wrong radius, or any additional rigidbodies found, or sphere colliders found at wheels, the editor will inform you. Some models have sphere colliders attached to their wheels by the designers.
Added three options to the damage (Deform meshes, play audio, and play particles).
Added deformation modes (Accurate, and Fast).
Added wheel detachment depends on the collisions..
Added keyboard shortcuts for adding the main controller, enabling in-scene editor UI buttons, and RCC Settings(Shift + S, Shift + R, Shift + E).
Added terrain to the city scenes.
Added highway roads to the city scenes.
Added check up functions to RCC_CarControllerV3 (Will inform you if there are incorrect configurations).

Renewed mobile controllers. They are using their own input system apart from the input system.
Updated Photon2 integration package and added more detailed documentation about it.
Updated obsolete and outdated methods.

Removed old legacy input system.
Removed the old UI event system at RCC_Canvas.
Removed all controller types in RCC Settings. We won't need them with the new input system.
Removed steer angle adjuster based on vehicle speed. Steer angle curve will handle this.
Removed unnecessary raycasts in RCC_Camera.
Removed unnecessary raycasts in RCC_WheelCollider.
Removed unnecessary reading terrain data per wheel. RCC_SceneManager is reading data of the terrain now.
Removed damaged camber, caster, toe variables in RCC_WheelCollider. Wheel itself takes the damage now with the new damage system.
Removed PUN1 support (PUN2 still available).

Fixed orbit smoothing on RCC Camera
Fixed an issue where camber, caster, toe were not working when wheel damage is set to off.
Added steering assistance (Improved counter steering).
Fixed an issue where trailers were not hooking up when they are parented.
Fixed an issue where mobile steering wheel was resetting without Time.deltaTime.
Added clean skidmarks function to API.
Fixed an issue where AI cars won't put to reverse gear when they get stuck on follow target mode.
Fixed an issue where AI cars passes next waypoint even too far away.
Fixed an issue where RCC_Exhausts was throwing errors about light source when it's not selected. Light source of the exhaust flame is optional now.
Fixed an issue where hood camera wasn't working properly if target of the configurable joint wasn't selected.
Legacy Input System will be removed, and new input system will be used for all controllers.
Added Photon2 features(lobby, room listing, and chat).
Added Photon2 Enter/Exit support.
Added Photon1 support with integration package.
Added small and big attachable/detachable trailers.
Added enum for wheel damage (visual only, mechanical only, both) Added truck model.
Added F.A.Q. documentation.
Added an option to fix pivot position of the vehicle if it's not correct while creating new vehicles.
Added nickname texts above vehicles on Photon demos.
Fixed an issue where "Import PUN2" button in welcome window was refering to paid version.
Fixed RCC_TruckTrailer.cs script.
Fixed an issue where RCC Camera still using autofocus (even if disabled) on trailer attachment/detachment.
Fixed an issue where "attachedTrailer" is still asigned after detaching the trailer.
Fixed an issue where engine is still running when out of fuel.
Fixed an issue where lights were not working on truck trailer.
Fixed an issue where AI's waypoint counter was increasing twice sometimes.
Fixed an issue where lights were throwing errors due to minimal intensity values on Unity 2020 & 2021.
Fixed an issue where "ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values" error pops up on Unity 2021.
Fixed an issue where brake calipers were not in sync with the connected wheel collider.
Fixed an issue where skidmarks were drawing to Vector3.Zero on multiple surfaces.
Fixed an issue where AI vehicles can't achieve maximum speed without "Limit Speed" option enabled.
Fixed an issue where AI vehicles pass to other waypoint instead of nexy waypoint.
Fixed an issue where camera stuttering when rotates at various frame rates.
Fixed an issue where some scripting symbols were not working in target build settings. RCC uses scripting symbols for using API of addon packages.
Rewritten TPS follow/aim mode on RCC_Camera.cs script. It's more reliable and stable now.
Updated Photon PUN2 support to the latest version.
Updated all documentations.
Added an example info and inputs to "Custom" controller type in "RCC_InputManager.cs" script.
Added "Angular Drag Helper" with minimum and maximum range to behavior type customization (RCC_Settings).
Added "Counter Steering Helper" with minimum and maximum range to behavior type customization (RCC_Settings).
Added "isGrounded" bool to RCC_CarControllerV3.cs script.
Added three new vehicle models from "Stunt Crasher".
Added detachable parts to all vehicles.
Added tire width to RCC_WheelCollider. Now you can adjust skidmarks width per wheel individually.
Added wheel damage. (Disabled by default. Can be enabled from damage tab)
Added Pro Flare support.
Added PS4 controller support.
Added "Auto Clutch" option to RCC_Settings. You can use your own input for clutch if you want.
Added "Gear Shift Down RPM".
Added customizable position of each audiosource. Position of engine, exhaust, turbo, sound, transmission can be changed.
Fixed an issue where engine inertia is still using old value on older vehicle prefabs.
Fixed an issue where RCC Camera is not using any camera modes on "RCC Test Blank Scene".
Fixed an issue where the vehicle tries to shift up when reversing at high speed.
Fixed an issue where the vehicle is still using steering helpers even on air.
Fixed an issue where you can't change any gear ratios.
You can change gear ratios and their target speeds after initializing gears.
Fixed an issue where you may get null reference error related to RCC_WheelCollider.cs due to Awake() - Start() conflict.
Fixed an issue where the "Delete Demo Content" button in RCC Welcome Screen deletes few necessary particles in the project too.
Fixed an issue where multiple lights parent gameobject instantiated while creating new rcc lights.
Fixed axis and pivots of some separate vehicle parts.
Fixed a warning message on console related to RCC_Recorder.cs script.
Fixed an issue where brake is not effective when ESP is acting.
Fixed an issue where all collision particles enabled at every single collision. This was reducing performance on collisions too.
Fixed an error about RCC_SceneGUI.cs(40,13): error CS0117: 'SceneView' does not contain a definition for 'duringSceneGui' for Unity 2018 versions.
Fixed positions of the dashboard needles of T-100 model.
Fixed an issue where wheelcolliders may fail to get RCC_CarControllerV3 component at start.
Fixed an issue where force feedback is not active after reload the scene.
Fixed jittering gyro input.
Fixed inconsistent line endings in some scripts.
All vehicles have functional and breakable seperate objects (Hoods, doors, trunks, bumpers, lights, etc...). All behavior types have been re-adjusted slightly.
RCC auto focus distance and height re-adjusted slightly.
Changed transmission (reverse gear) sound.
Reorganized individual parts of the vehicles.
Removed RCC_Export (MyExport tab) from editor scripts.
Photon demo vehicle prefabs can be configured from Tools --> BCG --> RCC --> Configure Photon Demo Vehicles.
Adjusted nos, exhaust, blowout sounds.
Each waypoint has its own target speed. Vehicle will adjust its speed to waypoints when getting close to it.
Fixed raycasts have been fixed. Much more performance friendly and accurate.
Fixed inaccurate throttle/brake calculation on corners.
Fixed inaccurate distance calculation between waypoints.
Fixed nonfunctional reset behavior from previous version.
Raycasts won't detect target vehicle in chase mode. Chase mode won't detect RCC vehicles only.
Target could be any gameobject.
Added "Follow Target" mode. AI can follow any target gameobject without crashing to it.
Added ray angles.
Rewritten RCC_AICarController script.


Released: Mar 28, 2014




















  1. Gianluca says:


    My name is Gianluca and I am developing a procedural town, with Synty assets. I have bought an asset pack with many cool low poly cars and am looking for a good car controller to drive them with. Does the “Realistic Car Controller” have the ability to control the vehicle from first person perspective? I would like to be able to switch camera positions between first and third person, looking forward to your reply!

    Thank you for your time!


  2. Yeeter says:

    Can you add the back to the future delorean?

  3. elijah says:

    this is a awsome game keep it up

  4. rm3d says:

    having a hellz of a time setting up synty street cars.. any specific tutorial on how to do this right?

  5. LvlUpHero says:

    Love the asset so far. A few things:

    1. Is there a way to purchase the assets that the prefab cars come from so we can use the existing prefab cars in our games? If not, are there any assets that have the same look and feel as those cars?

    2. I noticed in the mesh deformation and collision scripts that you use the function collision.contacts. This produces garbage with every collision. I could be wrong, but I believe collision.GetContacts would be better.


  6. angel says:

    simple car controller is broken

  7. ALI says:

    hello there can you explain how can i use nos button without pressing acceleration button because for mobile controls it is very difficult to hold both button and some time impossible

  8. TJP says:

    Hi.I really like this asset and i’d like to create a speed up area for my car game,but i don’t know how to trigger the nos by codes.I found a private void called nos but when I switch it into public and trigger it,nothing happened.I would appreciate it if you can help me out.Thanks! 🙂

  9. angel says:

    i mean laggy

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