Burnout Drift Multiplayer

Burnout Drift Multiplayer is a complete project that has been used on Burnout Drift series published on PC, Android, iOS, and WebGL.
Major Update has been released on 25 December 2023, please read release notes for more info.
[Includes latest version of Realistic Car Controller Pro V1.35.0f1]
Includes all features of the Burnout Drift series. You can add your own vehicles, scenes, soundtracks easily within a few minutes only.
This is the multiplayer version of the package. There are two modes for offline and online. Multiplayer features are using PUN2, and requires Photon PUN2. Project won't work without Photon PUN2. Both versions (free and paid) are supported.
For singleplayer only, you can use the lite version below. If you purchased Burnout Drift Multiplayer, lite version will be free!
Burnout Drift Lite [Single Player]
  • Latest Realistic Car Controller Pro (V1.35.0f1),
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer modes,
  • 1 main menu scene, and 3 gameplay scenes,
  • 5 player vehicles,
  • Detailed vehicle customization with purchasable items,
  • Global shared settings for calculating score, multipliers, cash, bonus, and initial cash amount,
  • Drift & score configuration,
  • API (Get currency, add currency, consume currency, get unlocked vehicles, etc...)
  • Ready to use template scenes for your new main menu and gameplay scenes.
  • Optimized, organized and clean project hierarchy.
Project is using Universal Render Pipeline. You may get warnings or errors on latest versions of Unity due to outdated version of URP. In this case, just update your URP through your Package Manager (Window --> Package Manager --> Universal RP --> Update).
[Mainmenu System]
  • Select & purchase vehicles,
  • Vehicle customization (paint, tire, customization, upgrades, neons, spoilers, decals, police sirens, etc...),
  • UI management (Entrance, vehicle selection, scene selection, credits, options, vehicle stats, player cash, etc...),
  • Complete photon lobby system (Lobby, create new room, join room, list rooms, list players, kick players, etc...),
  • Showroom camera.
[Gameplay System]
  • Player stats (drifting score, cash, bonus, drifting time, drifting distance, drifting multipliers, etc...),
  • UI management,
  • Listing other players scores,
  • Event based game sequence.
[Documentation & Tutorials]
  • PDF documentations covering installation, scene management, player management,
  • Includes main topics such as, how to add vehicles, how to add new scenes, how to edit upgrades, paints, wheels, how to edit prices, drift calculators, damage, and more...
* Soundtracks are not included in the package.
[Release Notes]
[Major Updates] Don't overwrite your project by updating it. Create a new project and import the latest version.
[Minor Updates] Overwrite your project by updating it. You don't have to create a new project and import the latest version.
[Keep Your Assets] If you are going to update major version, you'll need to remove the BDM folder and import the latest version. Keep your own assets such as vehicle prefabs, scriptableobjects, and all kind of other assets outside of the BDM folder. Once you import the latest version, you can replace the scriptableobjects, and replace your other assets.
V2.2.5 [Minor Update]
Upgraded project version to Unity 2022.3.11f1.
Upgraded vehicle physics to Realistic Car Controller Pro V1.35.0f1.
Added SRP lens flares.
Added check methods to editor scripts for checking project setup.
All photon based gameobjects and prefabs can be updated from Tools --> BDM --> Update Player Vehicles.
Fixed miscalculated vehicle rigidbody velocity sync on online mode.
Fixed not initializing upgrades for engine, brake, and handling.
Fixed performance issues on online mode.
Updated all prefabs and photon integration.
Improved performance.
Reduced build size and asset size.
RCCP welcome window and messages won't interrupt you.
Fixed other minor bugs.
V2.2.1 [Major Update]
Upgraded RCCP to the latest version (V1.34).
Upgraded editor version to Unity LTS 2022.3.0f1.
Fixed very long build time due to the outdated baked lightmaps. Building the demo scenes with demo materials would take a few minutes only.
Fixed an issue where buy button wasn't appearing on locked vehicles.
Improved gameplay experience by keeping a fair balance between realism and gameplay.
Removed BD_ModApplier. Instead of this, each vehicle has RCCP_Customizer component.
Customization system has been changed and simplified. Vehicles have RCCP_Customizer add-on components attached to them. Each vehicle's customizer can be modified easily now.
Saving, loading, and restoring loadouts (customization) with json.
Customization loadout will be synced over the network in online mode.
Fixed null reference error if vehicles don't have some specific customization managers. This has been fixed by using a different customization system explained above.
BD_ModManager in the main menu will check the customization system of the current vehicle, and will manage the UI customizer buttons.
Changed purchasable items. All UI buttons have a script to purchase, attach, and detach parts. Their prices and other properties can be easily changed directly from the UI button directly.
Removed 3rd party shader package for decals and neons. Unity's decal system is being use.
Added custom shaders for decals and neons.
Added custom shaders for vehicle bodies.
Added selectable regions, players will be able to select closest regions manually or auto.
Added latency as ms (lag) for online mode.
Added "Reset" button to restore the current vehicle back to default.
Fixed misconfigured UI buttons on the main menu and gameplay.
Updated Photon PUN 2 integration.
Removed installation process, it's not necessary now. Once you import the project, you'll need to import the latest version of Photon PUN2. Project will still run without Photon PUN2, but many features will be disabled and unable to use.
Welcome window has been changed and improved. Added more informative texts.
Removed occlusion and lightmap data to prevent confliction. You can rebake lightmaps with given lighting settings.
Fixed misaligned colliders on some scenes.
Added "Update Photon Prefabs". This will update all photon based prefabs in the project after importing the Photon PUN 2. This process will be executed automatically, but you can update them manually from Tools --> BCG --> BD --> Update Photon Prefabs. Usually doing this before the build wouldn't be a bad idea.
Editor will check active controller type for the current platform.
Reduced volume of the engine sounds by %20.
Added testing panel to add money and restart the game. Disable it before releasing the actual game.
Added offset to the camera while drifting.
Added option to enable / disable look back camera mode.
Added option to enable / disable camera offset.
Upgrades of the vehicle are much more effective now.
360 degree turns are much more easier now.
Increased intensity of the wheel smokes and particles by %20.
Fixed not working wheel smoke color.
Fixed overlapping credits and options menu in the main menu scene.
Fixed an issue where the UI player list line was still in use even if the target player is left the room. In this case, gameover panel was showing unkown player with 99999 score.
Fixed not working kick function. Kicked players will be informed as well.
Fixed not observed components due to a bug related to Photon PUN2. That's why I added a function for updating photon prefabs in the project.
Updated all prefabs and documentations.
Fixed other minor bugs.
Reduced project size from 485 mb to 289mb.
V2.01 [Minor Update for only V2.0]
Added installation steps.
Updated RCCP to the latest version.
Improved stability and vehicle physics.
Updated documentations.
Fixed error on Unity 2022.3.
Fixed other minor bugs.
V2.0 [Major Update]
Upgraded RCC to RCC Pro (V1.2).
Improved drifting physics and gameplay.
Added missing comments to the scripts.
Fixed an issue where some modifications were not working properly on online mode.
Fixed an issue where adding your own vehicle prefab to the list wasn't saving sometimes.
Updated prefabs, and demo scenes.
Added a new scene named "Track".
Fixed minor bugs.
V1.11 [Minor Update for only V1.101]
Upgraded RCC to the latest version (V3.53)
Fixed setup scenes.
Fixed an issue where player vehicles were not saving correctly through the BD_PlayerVehicles (Tools --> BCG --> BD --> Player Vehicles).
Fixed an issue where latest unregistered points were not processed at the end of the session.
Fixed an issue where UI sliders for master and music volume were not working properly.
Fixed coin miscalculation.
Added coins multiplier and speed limit variables to the BD_Settings.
Added offline mode. Players can play the game without connecting to the server.
Game will set timescale and audiolistener.pause to 0 and true if player pauses the game (Offline mode only).
Changed login logic.
Changed RCCCamera settings.
Corrected sizes of the changeable wheels.
Corrected missing paintable parts of the "Coupe" and "E46".
Added "Host" and "Join" buttons.
Increased maximum players to six players. All scenes have six spawn points, and can be increased as you wish.
Improved important editor scripts.
Improved drifting behavior.
V1.101 [Major Update]
Removed trees from the scenes due to performance loss on mobile devices.
Removed post processing effects from the package. The reason for long time builds was this. If you want to add post processing effects, just add "Volume" to your camera and create a new profile.
Reduced build time.
Fixed an issue where players won't be able to create new rooms after few matches.
Fixed an issue where players won't be able to try to login on lobby menu after disconnected.
Improved modification scripts. Now it's more reliable and stable for local & multiplayer modes.
Fixed an issue where decals of right and rear have same decals due to same names.
Updated all prefabs.
Updated documentation.
V1.05 [Major Update]
Added "Multiplayer With Photon PUN2" support.
Fixed an issue while renaming created upgradable managers.
Fixed not anchored UI drift texts.
Added subtotal drift and subtotal coins variables to BD_PlayerManager.cs.
Fixed an issue where last points and coins were not registered at the end of the session.
Removed target scores and cleaned BD_UICanvas.
V1.02 [Minor Update]
Added "Player Cars" button to the toolbar.
Added new vehicle named "Skala".
Updated documentation.
Fixed an issue while renaming created upgradable managers.
V1.01 [Minor Update]
Fixed an issue where "Create" buttons were not working properly when attaching mods to the vehicles through the editor script.
Fixed indexes of the decals.
Improved other editor scripts.
Fixed lightmaps on different Unity versions.
Removed 2019 build.


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