Burnout Drift Multiplayer

Burnout Drift Multiplayer is a complete project that has been used in Burnout Drift series published on PC, Android, iOS, and WebGL.

Burnout Drift Multiplayer is a complete project that has been used in Burnout Drift series published on PC, Android, iOS, and WebGL.
Update has been released on 10 March 2024, please read release notes for more info.
[Includes latest version of Realistic Car Controller Pro]
Includes all features of the Burnout Drift series. You can add your own vehicles, scenes, soundtracks easily within a few minutes only.
This is the multiplayer version of the package. There are two modes for offline and online. Multiplayer features are using PUN2, and requires Photon PUN2. Project won't work without Photon PUN2. Both versions (free and paid) are supported.
For singleplayer only, you can use the lite version below. If you purchased Burnout Drift Multiplayer, lite version will be free!
Burnout Drift Lite [Single Player]
  • Latest Realistic Car Controller Pro (V1.41.0f1),
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer modes,
  • 1 main menu scene, and 3 gameplay scenes,
  • 5 player vehicles,
  • Detailed vehicle customization with purchasable items,
  • Global shared settings for calculating score, multipliers, cash, bonus, and initial cash amount,
  • Drift & score configuration,
  • API (Get currency, add currency, consume currency, get unlocked vehicles, etc...)
  • Ready to use template scenes for your new main menu and gameplay scenes.
  • Optimized, organized and clean project hierarchy.
Project is using Universal Render Pipeline. You may get warnings or errors on latest versions of Unity due to outdated version of URP. In this case, just update your URP through your Package Manager (Window --> Package Manager --> Universal RP --> Update).
[Mainmenu System]
  • Select & purchase vehicles,
  • Vehicle customization (paint, tire, customization, upgrades, neons, spoilers, decals, police sirens, etc...),
  • UI management (Entrance, vehicle selection, scene selection, credits, options, vehicle stats, player cash, etc...),
  • Complete photon lobby system (Lobby, create new room, join room, list rooms, list players, kick players, etc...),
  • Showroom camera.
[Gameplay System]
  • Player stats (drifting score, cash, bonus, drifting time, drifting distance, drifting multipliers, etc...),
  • UI management,
  • Listing other players scores,
  • Event based game sequence.
[Documentation & Tutorials]
  • PDF documentations covering installation, scene management, player management,
  • Includes main topics such as, how to add vehicles, how to add new scenes, how to edit upgrades, paints, wheels, how to edit prices, drift calculators, damage, and more...
* Soundtracks are not included in the package.

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