Highway Racer

Highway Racer

Highway Racer is physics based endless racing game against traffic. Dodge traffic vehicles at high speeds, earn score, buy&upgrade your rides.

Wanna create your own endless highway racing game? Package contains all necessary assets in this one single package! All player vehicles are powered by Realistic Car Controller.

Package Contains

* 5 Player Vehicles,
* 5 Traffic Vehicles,
* 4 New Levels,
* User Friendly Editor Scripts and Editor Windows for create&use your own content,
* All Necessary Scripts, Materials, Textures, Sound FX, etc…

Leading Features

* Powered by Latest Realistic Car Controller
* Tested and ready to deploy for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, WebGL (Haven’t tested it on WP, but should work fine).
* Exciting unique game modes (including “Speed Bomb”)
* FPS, TPS and Top camera modes
* Pooling lightmapped roads
* Acceptable count of drawcalls, tris (Max DC 90, Max Tri 55k)
* Optimized traffic cars without wheelcolliders
* Lane switching traffic cars
* Variable traffic amount
* Unlockable Cars
* Upgradable Cars (You can edit cars, prices, their upgrades from editor easily)
* All systems are related with editor scripts.
* Clean code, written in C#.
* Easy to use, highly customizable.
* Highly detailed and updated online documentation.
* Guaranteed support

Full PDF Documentation for;

* Creating&Configurating New Vehicles,
* Creating&Configurating New Levels,
* Configurating Main Menu, Options, Canvases, Score Systems, Multipliers, etc…
* Optimization On Levels,

I’ll keep project updated. So, don’t worry about future updates, fixes, and improvements.

Your reviews are most valued for us. Please don’t hesitate to writing a review to us.

* Soundtracks used in webdemo is not included in the package. These licensed soundtrack store links are referred in documentation.


Release Notes

[Always backup your project before updating any asset or Unity Editor. Keep your own assets outside from Highway Racer folder. Delete the entire folder, and import updated version. Updating was explained in documentation]

Updated Realistic Car Controller to V3.45.
Updated all outdated obsolete scripts.
Added player car names to main menu (Car selection).
Added “Highway Racer” behavior mode to RCC Settings.
Fixed minor bugs.
Reduced package size.


Upgraded to Unity 2019 and 2020.
Fixed assertion errors due to obsolete lens flares.
Fixed traffic cars spawning positions.
Fixed not animating wheels of the traffic cars.
Added better collision system with traffic cars.
Fixed resetted colors for body paints due to incompatible Unity versions.
Removed old Post Processing Image effects due to incompatible Unity versions.
Recreated and fixed all prefabs due to incompatible Unity versions.
Fixed missing road sections after upgrading.
Converted all obsolete image formats.
Converted all obsolete audio clips.
Updated all obsolete scripts.
Updated all lightmaps.
Removed Standard Assets.
Removed SpeedTree Assets.
Removed unused assets in RealisticCarControllerV3 folder.


Added and integrated Post Processing Image Effects.
Added quick switch tab between desktop and mobile.
Added sorting options to Configure Player Cars panel. Now you can sort selectable player cars on main menu.
Added camera tilt on FPS view. (You can disable it in Highway Racer Settings if you don’t want it)
Added blocking system to avoid hitting to barriers and walls.
Added upgradable items on main menu. Players can buy and use nos & turbo for vehicles.

Fixed compilation error on WebGL about substance shader.
Fixed UI button click sound effect.
Fixed low FPS on car selection screen.
Fixed stucked UI buttons on slider bars.
Fixed unresponsive mobile/keyboard action in Highway Racer General Settings.
Fixed other minor bugs. Thank you for your reports!

Vehicle physics upgraded to RCC V3.2f.
Improved crash detection. It won’t end the game on scratchs.
More stable vehicle controlling.
Some redesign on UI.
Overrided proper texture resolutions for Android, iOS, WebGL. Removed unnecessary quality presets in Quality Settings of the project.
Reduced bomb sound on bus.
Reversed UI button animations and reduced UI button animation times. Used more events and delegates for more organized scripts.


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Realistic Car Controller V3.45

Realistic Car Controller V3.45

Highway Racer V2

Highway Racer V2

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