[Warning, Please Read Before Purchase / Get]
This asset requires "Realistic Car Controller Pro" imported and installed in the project. Asset won't work without it. All systems are based on it. I don't want to have one star reviews with not working title. Thank you 🙂
Let the players can build their own scenes with given objects. Save, load, clean, and restore the scene customization data easily. Players can have unique scenes with their own scene setups. Easy to use for players and developers.
This simple Creator includes basic gameplay scene template that includes a few objects to spawn and place. Creation objects and their properties can be changed. Everything has been explained in the documentation.
None of any project settings will be overridden, you can feel safe to import it to your project.
[Demo Content]
The demo content available in the demo scenes are part of Realistic Car Controller Pro's demo content package. When you import and install Realistic Car Controller Pro, it will come with a prototype vehicle and scene. Demo content can be imported after importing Realistic Car Controller Pro to the project. More info can be found in the documentation.
Unity 2021.3.2f1 and later versions are supported. Tested on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and WebGL.
  • Complete scene template with UI and the scene manager
  • Select objects to spawn and place
  • Offset position and rotation can be applied
  • Save, load, clean, and restore the scene data
  • Each scene has independent save data
  • Edit or remove the objects after placing them.
Project is not related to any renderer pipeline system. There are no any custom shaders have been used in the project. Therefore, project is %100 compatible with URP and HDRP. However, RCCP is not %100 compatible with HDRP. You'll need to adjust lights of the vehicle. In this case, we can say URP is fully compatible, but HDRP requires some adjustments.
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