Realistic Car Controller V3f Has Been Released!

Realistic Car Controller V3f Released!

Screenshot 2016-08-23 03.27.30

Screenshot 2016-04-23 00.55.24

Screenshot 2016-04-01 20.47.00


List updated (22.08.2016)

  • Added inertia for lights.
  • Added Angular Steering Helper.
  • Added an option for overriding FixedTimeStep.
  • Added an option for using physics based Chassis Joint or not.
  • Added an option for not using any particles.
  • Added an option for using skidmarks or not.
  • Added an option for tagging all gameobjects or not.
  • All resources used for RCC is collected in RCC Settings instead of hardcoding.


  • Updated documentation with YouTube tutorial videos.
  • Removed camera shake due to bad feedback.
  • Improved overall handling and controlling.
  • Overrided all textures used for demos are overrided for Android and iOS.
  • Improved entering exiting vehicles with all kind of character controllers.
  • Fixing if your vehicle pivot is wrong while new vehicle creation.
  • Improved Fixed Camera System. Automatic camera positions.


  • Organized Tab hierarchy with proper priorities.
  • Prefab vehicles are corrected with real dimensions.
  • Changed some classes for more organized workflow.
  • WheelCollider creation in beta version of RCC V3 was eliminating Y offset due to suspension distance. Technique was right, but I got bad feedback from some users. So, I’ve removed this line in code. New WheelColliders will be created with suspension distance offset.


  • Fixed conflicting Generate All Target Speeds with Generate Torque Curves.
  • Fixed setting layer to RCC vehicles.
  • Fixed an info on Edit Ground Materials window.
  • Fixed creation of AI Waypoints and AI Brake Zones while no any gameobject selected on your scene.
  • Fixed generating wrong collider scale on some models (While using with Chassis Joint).
  • Fixed mobile buttons were feeding AI vehicles too.
  • Fixed ABS, EPS, TCS, HL, and CC buttons were effecting AI vehicles too.
  • Fixed null reference exception while enabling NOS, or Turbo at runtime.
  • Fixed gap between verticies on damage (Thanks to Room710Games).
  • Fixed counting camera change double while next camera mode doesn’t exist for current vehicle.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.


  1. Anders says:

    Really looking forward to this. I hope the Fun preset will be feeling like the F1 in FunCar Kit.

    When are you going to release a demo of 3.0?

    • Exactly 😉 Demo will be released on Friday!

      • JEEP-CHEROKEE says:

        Can you make both ABS and ABS standard, because I’m making a game like GTA and need cars with ABS and ABS standard. Can you also make car engine sounds like sports cars, muscle cars, trucks sounds, motorcycles, and pickup trucks and SUV, jet planes, and boats sounds, electric vehicles and etc.

        By the way I can’t find the demo here, it’s Friday. Anyway See ya 🙂

        • Package already includes ABS, and enabled by default. You can turn it off if you want. I’ve recorded my E36 engine sound for avoiding copyright violation. I can’t use any sound found on web. I have to buy distribution license for single sound effect. Demo will be released in couple of hours. Thank you…

  2. Paul Schindler-Saefkow says:

    i have buy today your package, thx for this great asset but can you add blinking to this? ty 😀

    • Thank you! Blinking? Is this 😉 😀 Could you please give me more information?

      • Paul Schindler-Saefkow says:

        sry my english in so so good >.<
        you want to drive left or right on a new car lane and make a sign for the others you want to drive where, and make a yellow light. on the 2.0.9 solution from this projekt i have realise this myshelf fast, but i miss this in this package somehow.

  3. joe says:

    when it will be ready on asset store ?

  4. EVG says:

    Please add off-road preset

  5. Enrico Wijaya says:

    I’m very excited for v3 of the kit. i will be waiting for demo today.

  6. sky says:

    when it comes to updating ? We look forward with great excitement
    I love you :))

  7. Gio Moraes says:

    Price will be changed for new update? Is this using unity wheel collider or formula?

    • Yes, price will be changed. I can’t say how much will be. RCC is using Wheel Colliders with dynamic friction curves. Not using any formula found on web! I know the formula, I know which assets on asset store are using it, and I won’t be using that formula.

  8. chris a branch says:

    “3.0 Update Is Coming On 01.05.2016 with Photon Multiplayer Support!”

    you mean 05.01.2016, right?

  9. AJGames says:

    If I buy the asset in the store now, will I get the update when it comes out?

  10. JEEP-CHEROKEE says:

    How much time for the demo?

  11. chris says:

    is there a way to stop the camera from looking through the road when or walls when it gets to close?

  12. sky says:

    Hocam benim maile photon ekli olmadan gönderme şansınız var mı?
    fatura no göndermiştim size yanıt bekliyorum 🙂

  13. chris says:

    hi, will it have the ability to burn out ? and if not how hard would that be to add?

  14. metin says:

    Güncelleme bugün indirilebilir hale gelecek mi acaba 🙂

  15. Mayuresh says:

    YAY….! Demo is up…..

  16. me says:

    hi so on unity its still 2.9 asset? will it be tomorow?

  17. Mayuresh says:

    I m just not able to drift like u do….. it turns 360 or skids out of the road….

    any tips here….?

  18. sky says:

    Hocam mail bekliyorum sizden v3 için, bir haftadır eski sürümü kullanmıyorum sırf v3 bekliyorum 🙂
    Ne zaman gönderim yapabilirsiniz

  19. mike says:

    when will we get the email?

  20. Thalis Frank says:

    This absolutely rocks! I cant believe its still 40 bucks. Cuz its almost complete game. Drag drop cars to scene, and ui canvas, you are ready to go! No any wagon cars, automatic car create, no any piece of shit. I was using this kit as free (downloaded from torrent, im sorry). But I purchased it when 2.9 released. I respect you guys. You done great job. I cant wait to see features you will add more.

    • Thank you. Price will be changed when Unity approves it. Yes, I know the pirate side of business. Well, it’s part of the internet. Million dollars movies, games, softwares can be pirated over the web. Even if you are Obama, you can’t stop it. If you liked it after downloaded it, you can buy and support the developers. And that’s exactly what you did. Thank you again for your respect.

  21. chris says:

    that was my friend,

    i asked him to check if it was ready

  22. me says:

    web demo why dont post them in webgl

  23. chris says:

    when “can be controllable now” is false
    the Rcc_dashboardinputs won’t work
    also photon demo will not work

    • Dashboard won’t work if player is unable to control the car. Be sure you have imported PUN to your project. Read the RCC docs, you will find how to configure PUN with your AppID.

  24. Stephen says:

    Great job on the update! This is still the best vehicle controller on the store. 🙂

  25. keifyb says:

    hey loving the new updates so far but still having problems showing the right camera with enter exit car using ufps multiplayer addon, keeps showing the menu camera. also have you taken out the orbit cam? it was the best one, just needed some sort of collision to stop it going through the floor. ideally i would like to make it more like battlefield multiplayer with extra seats n that. hehe

  26. me says:

    1 question how to increase acceleration i drift mode, atm workaround i did is just increase Torque and add some more downforce but i think it cant add more then +30% speedup

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