RCC 3.0f Update Release Notes

Realistic Car Controller V3f Released!

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List updated (22.08.2016)

  • Added inertia for lights.
  • Added Angular Steering Helper.
  • Added an option for overriding FixedTimeStep.
  • Added an option for using physics based Chassis Joint or not.
  • Added an option for not using any particles.
  • Added an option for using skidmarks or not.
  • Added an option for tagging all gameobjects or not.
  • All resources used for RCC are collected in RCC Settings instead of hardcoding.


  • Updated documentation with YouTube tutorial videos.
  • Removed camera shake due to bad feedback.
  • Improved overall handling and controlling.
  • Overrided all textures used for demos are overrided for Android and iOS.
  • Improved entering exiting vehicles with all kind of character controllers.
  • Fixing if your vehicle pivot is wrong while new vehicle creation.
  • Improved Fixed Camera System. Automatic camera positions.


  • Organized Tab hierarchy with proper priorities.
  • Prefab vehicles are corrected with real dimensions.
  • Changed some classes for more organized workflow.
  • WheelCollider creation in beta version of RCC V3 was eliminating Y offset due to suspension distance. Technique was right, but I got bad feedback from some users. So, I’ve removed this line in code. New WheelColliders will be created with suspension distance offset.


  • Fixed conflicting Generate All Target Speeds with Generate Torque Curves.
  • Fixed setting layer to RCC vehicles.
  • Fixed an info on Edit Ground Materials window.
  • Fixed creation of AI Waypoints and AI Brake Zones while no any gameobject selected on your scene.
  • Fixed generating wrong collider scale on some models (While using with Chassis Joint).
  • Fixed mobile buttons were feeding AI vehicles too.
  • Fixed ABS, EPS, TCS, HL, and CC buttons were effecting AI vehicles too.
  • Fixed null reference exception while enabling NOS, or Turbo at runtime.
  • Fixed gap between verticies on damage (Thanks to Room710Games).
  • Fixed counting camera change double while next camera mode doesn’t exist for current vehicle.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

Realistic Car Controller V3.1

Realistic Car Controller V3.1

Highway Racer V2

Highway Racer V2

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