My Green Fairy

BMW E36 3.20i

Say hello to my green fairy! 🙂 This old lady is 1991 3.20i with 6 cylinder M50 engine (150hp). Full M3 bodykit, damn good sound system, nice rims… Drifting with this beast just keeps me alive. Comments are welcome!



  1. Anders says:

    That car is beautiful! Looks great with the shadowline, angel eyes and stance! I had a E36 (M3 3.0) a couple of years ago and it was a joy to drive. One day I traded it for an Impreza GT which was much newer but felt much cheaper, especially the interior was way better on the BMW. Really well built cars.

  2. JEEP-CHEROKEE says:

    nice, awesome BMW. This is what i like about cars from germany and other countries in Europe :).

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